WMI Mutual Insurance Company
About WMI Mutual Insurance Company
WMI Mutual Insurance Company  (WMI) is our primary small group health
insurance carrier.  WMI is located in Murray, Utah.

Partnered with the
Montana Retail Association and the Flathead Business and
Industry Association, WMI  provides insurance to over 200 businesses
throughout Montana.   

The initial idea behind this partnership was to enable small businesses to
band together and have more purchasing power as a large group.  

WMI specializes in small group health insurance plans.  WMI is also the carrier
for Western Petroleum Marketers Association.  

The close-knit partnership between WMI Mutual and the Montana Retail
Association allows high levels of communication which assists in a constant
exchange of ideas and discussions for improvements to the program.  
WMI offers these
group products: